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Galvanic Treatments

Galvanic Is Amazing and I cannot wait to get one!! Thanks to the Sacramento International Dermal Institute class I am able to share what I love with you!!!

History about Galvanic

·         The galvanic current is named after Luigi Galvani, who spent his life studying electric currents. In 1791, he used these electric currents to twitch the legs of a frog. The results of his experiment led scientists to discover further insight into the uses of the galvanic current. Galvanic treatments have been used for more than 50 years primarily in Europe and now are gaining popularity in the United States.

·         Note: There are 2 types of galvanic treatments, estheticians, such as I can provide.

·         1:  Desincrustation- This deep cleanses, removing oil from the skin (via extractions) and removes skin blockages.

·          2:  Iontophoresis- This introduces a water soluble substance (such as a mask) directly into the skin.


The Galvanic current which flows through the skin, forms a circuit between the active electrodes and the indifferent electrode, causing active substances to pass into the epidermis of the skin, on the galvanic charge.  The active electrodes on the galvanic charge, can be either positive or negative, and the substances pushed into the skin will be positively or negatively charged.

If the substance has positive ions, the active electrode must also be positive, so that they will repel each other, therefore the galvanic charge will push/pull the substance deeper into the skin towards the indifferent electrode, which is held in the clients hand,(or placed behind the shoulder) to complete the circuit. The negative electrode, is used with a gel containing negative ions, the indifferent electrode is always used to complete the circuit.

Important terms for Galvanic Treatments:

Anaphoresis:  The movement of negative ions to the positive pole.

  Cataphoresis: The movement of positive ions to the negative pole.

  Anode:    Positive pole.

  Cathode: Negative pole.

  Anions:  Ions with a negative charge.

  Cations: Ions with a positive charge.

  Active Electrode: The working electrode applied to the face   during treatment.

Indifferent Electrode: non working electrode held in the hand to complete the circuit.

Ion: An atom carrying an electrical charge.

Ionization: Use of active ions or electrically charged elements in treatments.

Milliamp meter: Measures the amount of galvanic current used and also indicates the level of of the skins resistance.

Saponification:   ‘Soaping’ or cleansing of the skin using a negative charge with a saline solution or desincrustation lotion. (This is the most interesting to me, the natural chemical reaction of the skin is to saponify!)


o    Galvanic increases the circulation, acts as a tonic to the skin, improving its colour.

o    Galvanic is Soothing; Fluid in the tissues is drawn to the negative pole, which is called electro-osmosis. When the positive pole is used over an area, waste products and fluid in the tissues is drawn away from the area, relieving tension.

o    Galvanic causes Relaxation; Warmth is produced inside the tissues, promoting relaxation.

Galvanic plumps up the tissues, reducing fine lines and wrinkles.”

Electrical current used

o    Dry/sensitive – 0.15 milliamps.

o    Normal/combination – 0.20 milliamps.

o    Oily/problem – 0.25 milliamps.



Happy Saint Patties Day

Let me inform you about Saint Patricks day. For all those non Irish folk

Along time ago a young boy Patrick lived with his wealthy family in Roman Britain. At the age of 16 he was kidnapped by Irish raiders and was taken to Ireland as a slave. The young man slept one night and in his dream God told to go to the coast and get on a ship and sale away to Britain. So he did. When he arrived in Britain he joined the church and studied to be a priest. Years later he went back to Ireland to teach the Irish people about God. As a bishop, he used a Shamrocks to explain the Christian teachings of the trinity to the pagan people of Ireland, he continued his teachings until his death on March 17th,461.
Side note:
Originally the color blue was used to celebrate St. Patrick’s day, but later in the 17th century green ribbons and shamrocks were used to celebrate the day.

These are picture prior to the completion of my comic.

This is before I finished my Legacy Project.

This is before I finished my Legacy Project.

I won I won I won!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday march 15th I got a phone call from Alison Canton from the International Dermal Institute. She informed me that I had won the The Lisa White Spiering Legacy Scholarship Program!!!
For the scholarship I had to create a piece that would show my passion for skin care, my dedication and enthusiasm towards my career. I created a colorful comic book called, “Skin, The Slayer of bad skin”. The comic is full of fun and interesting details of who I am and the challenges I had to over come. This colorful creation is all thanks to my undeniable passion and desire to learn. I am so thankful and honored to have the opportunity to advance my skills and understand.

Top is my floral designed by imagination and the below, some say the pink haired woman looks like lady gaga. So I called her “Poke her Face”

New Artist in Sacramento

I wouldn’t necessarily say I am a new artist because I have been creating art works since I was a child. When I attended Las Flores I was a part of the first AP art class. I loved my teach and was inspired to create beautiful work because of her. Then in college I took an art history class where my work was given so many complements. I was inspired by many different artists to create pieces as challenging as theirs where. To push myself farther as an artist. My art is an acquired taste but upon request I can create anything just by looking at it.

This is one of my art pieces I’m working on.

This is one of my art pieces I’m working on.

Graduated passed state board and looking for work

I did most on my check list. I went on one hands on interview and got interrupted during the last section of the massage portion of the treatment. The owners said she would call me back for a second run around. We shall see hopefully she just hires me and doesn’t make me do it all over again.

New day! 12/14/12

Yesterday I went to IDI it was very helpful learning about resumes and interviews. I am excited about the future and what it holds. I have my plan all set out for me.


1. Sign up for classes after graduation; done!

1. Graduate and pass state board aka become licsenced: graduateion date 12/29/2012- state board test 1/14/13

2. Get a job working in a salon and spa: I have contacted a few include resum and cover letter

3. Go back to school for cosmotoglogy: Talk to lisa and it will be 6 months after I graduate.

4. Pay off any student loans including fasfa

5. Work on building a business plan to open my own salon

6. take education classes so I may become an instructor for cosmotology and skin care.

7. May a boat load of money!

So these are all my goals and I am so excited. I hope that one day I may be able to own my very own school to help others like me become successful on there new paths.


Today I did our schools very first Image Treatment on a client! How exciting is that! It was very nice and smelled wonderful. The client left very happy with a beautifully clean face! I have to give myself props!